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Watch a Documentary on ‘Cosmopolis’ Author Don DeLillo

One of the great things about Cosmopolis, perhaps David Cronenberg‘s greatest film, is how perfectly it captures the seemingly adaptation-resistant language of Don DeLillo, a harmony of players and mediums so sublime that you wish his name was more common on movie posters. (Just watch it already.) Although he may not have a massive place […]


‘The Grandmaster’ Goes 3D, ‘Apocalypse Now’ at Telluride, TIFF 2014 Trailer, Miranda July’s Latest Short, and More

Dailies is a round-up of essential film writing, news bits, and other highlights from across the Internet. If you’d like to submit a piece for consideration, get in touch with us in the comments below or on Twitter at @TheFilmStage. A 3D version of Wong Kar-wai’s The Grandmaster will hit theaters in China next month […]


Park Chan-wook Confirms Adaptation of ‘Fingersmith’ Will Be His Next Film

After trying out the world of Hollywood with his English-language debut Stoker, Park Chan-wook will return to Korea for his follow-up. He’s circled a handful of projects, but the director has now decided on his next project, the long-rumored adaptation of Sarah Waters‘ novel Fingersmith, Screen Daily reports. The period crime drama was initially set […]


Martin Scorsese on When Modern Cinema Began

There should be no surprises when it comes to Martin Scorsese‘s admiration for the films of Roberto Rossellini. Previously married to the late Italian director’s daughter, Isabella Rossellini, Scorsese often remarks on how formative her father’s work was on his career. With the Criterion Collection recently releasing three of his finest films, Stromboli, Europe ’51, and […]


Lars von Trier Announces Next Project as Three NSFW Clips From ‘Nymphomaniac: Volume II’ Director’s Cut Arrive

While one can currently enjoy the first iteration of Nymphomaniac in the comfort of their own home on Netflix, there’s more Lars von Trier around the corner. His extended director’s cuts of both volumes have now premiered, with the first at Berlin and the second recently at Venice, but with no word yet on U.S. […]


Watch Oliver Stone’s Unreleased Fidel Castro Documentary, with Commentary From the Director

In 2003, Oliver Stone, the provocative director behind Platoon and Natural Born Killers, debuted his documentary on Fidel Castro. The hour-and-a-half feature was an intimate showcase of the communist and revolutionary figure. Exploring the hierarchy of power within communist Cuba through archival footage and the fascinations of its figurehead, Stone’s Comandante marries the director’s political musings with a challenging man. Flash forward to today, Stone […]


Bill Hader Shares His 200 Essential Films and 2.5-Hour Conversation

Actor and writer Bill Hader has employed his love for the craft of filmmaking throughout his career. Frequent references to classic features and film tropes appear in his penned episodes of South Park and the actor even took a stab at portraying There Will Be Blood‘s Daniel Plainview on Saturday Night Live. The first insight into Hader’s love of cinema came with his trip to the […]


Soderbergh’s Wilderness Years, Lynch on the State of Cinema, Distracting Extras, and More

Dailies is a round-up of essential film writing, news bits, and other highlights from across the Internet. If you’d like to submit a piece for consideration, get in touch with us in the comments below or on Twitter at @TheFilmStage. At The Dissolve, Jason Bailey on the wilderness years of Steve Soderbergh: Over the near-decade […]


Telluride 2014 Line-Up Includes ‘Birdman,’ ‘Mommy,’ ‘The Imitation Game,’ and More

The most secretive of the fall festivals, the Telluride Film Festival, have unveiled the line-up for their 41st edition ahead of the kick-off tomorrow. While certain “sneak previews” still have yet to be announced, there’s not many surprises in the slate, with Cannes favorites such as Mr. Turner, Leviathan, Foxcatcher, Red Army, Mommy, The Salt […]


David Fincher Directs Four Ads For Gap as New ‘Gone Girl’ Images Arrive

After reteaming with his Dragon Tattoo star Rooney Mara for a Calvin Klein commercial last year, ahead of Gone Girl, David Fincher has returned to the world of advertising for a new set of spots. Done for Gap, the director once again turns to a black-and-white aesthetic for the energetic, pristine ads. Meanwhile, over at Empire (who have […]

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