With over 40 films to his name, one can never predict where Woody Allen will set his next feature, much less what era it’ll take place in. After a few years in Europe, he returned to the United States with one of his best works, the contemporary-set Blue Jasmine, before heading to the south of France (and back a handful of decades) for the forthcoming Magic in the Moonlight. Like clockwork, he’s planning to shoot his next feature this summer and the first details are coming in.

We already knew that Emma Stone would be reteaming with the director and we were pleased to learn that Joaquin Phoenix would be leading the film. Boston Globe now reports that production on the untitled film will begin in Rhode Island this July. While specific plot details are still under wraps, it’s said to be a “contemporary story” that involves “academics, graduate students, and middle- and working-class folks.” Perhaps Phoenix will play a professor and Stone his student? As we await details, check out the official poster for Moonlight below and the trailer if you missed it.

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Magic in the Moonlight opens on July 25th.

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