We’ve spent the better part of the year wondering Harmony Korine‘s intentions with Spring Breakers, but then again, the filmmaker himself seems intent on subverting whatever they may be. The first clip has popped up which feature our group of girls, but mostly Selena Gomez delivering a monologue about how everything’s the same and she kind of hates life.

Perhaps this is the catalyst to get this group — also including Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Heather Morris — to go and rob a fast food restaurant. Unfortunately there is no reveal of James Franco as a cornrow-wearing, gun-toting hip-hop drug dealer, but it’s certainly a far more normal look then we may have imagined. Check it out below in full HD as the first impressions should start rolling in after a Venice premiere next week.

[Muse Productions via The Playlist]

Spring Breakers premieres at Venice and TIFF with no distribution yet.

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