While he continues to toil away at his three Avatar sequels — the first of which is still two years away! — and thus rarely flaunts that unique mix of earned ego and authority, those hoping for a peek into James Cameron‘s personality will have something to savor here. The none-too-subtly titled series Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind spent some time focusing on the development of Avatar, the period after its release, his early steps toward one of cinema’s most successful careers, and why, exactly, he’s so obsessed with exploration.

It’s by no means spontaneous or controlled by anyone but him, but that’s not to be expected, anyway — what matters is that Cameron seems to be speaking honestly, however much else there is (speaking career-wise) to explore. The most I can say is this, and it’s not nothing: as someone who’s perhaps more interested in the technician than the storyteller (and I don’t know if he and I necessarily differ on that point), this satisfies a certain itch I have about his work. Now, if we’ll ever actually get another work from him…

Watch the full piece below:

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