And here I thought we had already done everything to preview this weekend’s Guy Pearce-starring actioner, Lockout. Well, I guess not. After clocking in at #6 on our “10 Films to See in April” countdown, and soon thereafter receiving a hefty three-minute compilation of footage from the film, Lockout‘s sneak-peek formalities have reared their head one more time in advance of the soon-arriving April 13 theatrical release.

The film’s first five minutes have been unleashed via YouTube, and although I’m personally staying away (I’m not even sure I’ll see the film during its in-theaters run), there are surely enough hopeful B-movie fanatics out there to justify this as a worthwhile last-minute heads-up.

Three of the first four reviews posted over at Rotten Tomatoes have fallen on the rotten side of things, including this one from Variety’s usually on-point Justin Chang. Still, that’s hardly enough of a sampling to determine an early verdict on the film. We’re essentially still where we were a couple of weeks ago — patiently waiting to see if the film will be enjoyable junk, or just pure junk.

Have a look at those opening five minutes below, and let us know which side of the fence you’re currently leaning towards.

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