Want To Write For TFS?

The Film Stage is looking for dedicated people to provide news, original articles and features. Check out the requirements below.

  • Passion. You must not only love film, but have expansive knowledge of it’s history, present and future possibilities.
  • Dedication. With a constant stream of news stories, it’s a must that you are on top of all film news and can write up at least 3 posts throughout a normal day. As always, quality is more important than quantity so that number can fluctuate.
  • Skill. It’s necessary to have a strong writing background and be able to present daily news in a unique and interesting fashion as well as going deep into the background, providing readers with new information.

Age doesn’t matter as long as you can do everything mentioned above. A small fee is also provided for your work, with room to grow.

If you are interested, please e-mail [email protected] with the following:

  • A intro paragraph/cover letter with your personal background and reasons why you want to become a part of The Film Stage.
  • 2 (two) writing samples between 300-500 words. It must be related to film and can be a news analysis, review, article, etc. If you don’t have anything just write up a news story like you would if you had the gig.
  • Your favorite films so far this year and five film sites you regularly visit. You will not be judged, this is simply for fun!

Feel free to apply and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. You will be contacted in either case. Thanks!