One only gets word on a new Panos Cosmatos film so often—might as well appreciate it as it comes. Though the director, who we’ve admired since Beyond the Black Rainbow shocked us a decade ago, recently set an episode of Guillermo del Toro’s Netflix anthology Cabinet of Curiosities, the four years since Mandy have been quiet. We’re accordingly thrilled he’s set Nekrokosm, a “phantasmagorical fantasy nightmare” backed by A24 and XYZ Films, with Maegan Houang scripting from an idea devised by her and the director.

However tight a lid’s kept, the stamp left by Black Rainbow and Mandy makes it easy to align initial description—that it’s “set deep within a strange galaxy where two lovers are torn apart as they try to survive a malevolent invasion”—with what may follow. Cosmatos’ visual sense could perhaps be described as a moving Omni cover, and… well, start putting two and two together. Nekrokosm has our undivided attention.

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