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Watch Lucrecia Martel Direct the ‘Zama’ Llama in Clip from Documentary ‘Light Years’

Written by on February 13, 2019 

Few happenings in 2018 world cinema made as much of a splash as the llama in Zama. A flash of humor within Lucrecia Martel’s rather grim and overbearing vision of corruption, violence, and decay, this camelid waltzed onto screens and into hearts with seemingly zero effort. A star was born.

To watch Light Years, Manuel Abramovich’s documentary on the director and her most recent feature, could actually confirm such suspicions: it’s a short but comprehensive look at the way animals naturally inhabit the qualities we typically associate with “non-actor” — present onscreen, if not necessarily ingrained into the texture of a film, and involved without being limited by the constraints of a script or director’s exact wishes — while rather cleanly underlining Martel’s affection for the creature. Just don’t think about this too long, lest you begin a deep dive into the psychology of every animal you’ve ever seen onscreen.

In related Martel news, one can see her latest project in NYC starting this May and running through June. She will direct Björk’s new theatrical production Cornucopia, taking place in Manhattan’s new arts center The Shed, the artist confirmed.

Watch the clip below, and stream Light Years now:

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