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Watch: Guillermo del Toro’s Early 1987 Short Film ‘Geometria’

Written by on July 10, 2013 

In just a few days Guillermo del Toro will be releasing his biggest budget film yet, the robot vs. monsters actioner Pacific Rim. While our official review wasn’t so kind, I was able to check the film out last night and had a bit more fun. The script is indeed poor and Charlie Hunnam is Garret Hedlund clone in the worst way possible, but the talented Pan’s Labyrinth director knows the ideal pacing and amount of thrills for a large-scale blockbuster.

But many years before he even got close to Pacific Rim and even prior to his inventive debut, Cronos, he was behind the short film Geometria, sporting just a $1,000 budget. While it was the 10th short film he directed, almost all the rest are unreleased, so you’ll have to enjoy this treat, which follows a boy who, after failing his math test yet again, uses dark magic to pass. Clearly influenced by The Exorcist, you have two viewing choices below — one has English subtitles and is a bit longer version, but the quality is poor; the other is a director’s cut in higher resolution (featured on The Criterion Collection of Cronos), but has no English subtitles.

Are you looking forward to Pacific Rim? What do you think of this short?

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