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Robert Yeoman on Wes Anderson Collaborations, Vitality of ‘Selma,’ Marc Maron’s Top 10 Criterions, and More

Written by on November 25, 2014 


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At Screen Crush, Mike Ryan on why the themes of Selma, a movie set in 1964, are just as vital today:

‘Selma’ is the story of the civil rights marches from Selma, Alabama, to Montgomery, Alabama in support of voting rights for African Americans— rights that they technically already had, but were being denied to them through ridiculous loopholes. It’s easy to draw a parallel between the marches in Selma and the earlier marches in Ferguson—large groups of people demonstrating against a civil injustice—but the greater comparison is what we saw happen last night with St. Louis county prosecutor Bob McCulloch, presiding over a system that was rigged from the beginning.

At Criterion, Marc Maron lists his top 10 titles.

Watch a 30-minute conversation with Wes Anderson‘s cinematographer Robert Yeoman:

At NonFics, Christopher Campbell on 10 great documentaries you only want to watch once:

When I heard that the Citizenfour premiere was attended by journalists awaiting the film’s new revelations in the Edward Snowden story, I got worried that this was going to be a time-sensitive documentary. This would be the kind that has little chance of becoming a repeat watch let alone a classic due to its focus on something that would shortly be old news. Fortunately that’s not the case.

Watch the U.S. trailer for the re-release of Éric Rohmer‘s A Tale of Winter:

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