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Bong Joon-ho Directing Portion of Japanese Earthquake Omnibus Film

Written by on August 7, 2011 

The earthquake that hit Japan in March earlier this year was one of the most devastating disasters, natural or otherwise, in recent history. It won’t come as a huge surprise to anyone that there are plans to develop a movie chronicling the events. However, it is not going to be a feature film as you might expect. Instead, plans have been announced to make a 1 hour long project made up of 60 different short films, 40 of which are to be (appropriately) helmed by Japanese directors. [10 Asia]

One big name has signed up however, and that is South Korean director Bong Joon-ho. This is a promising sign that the people behind it want to make it a success as Bong Joon-ho is easily one of the best directors working in East Asia today. Behind such films as Memories of Murder and Mother, he shall direct a 3-minute segment of the project which is set to play at the Sendai Short Film Festival and Nara International film festival this fall.

Here’s to hoping for to a respectful tribute which is certainly not out of the question, I sincerely doubt this is a project aimed at making money out of a horrible tragedy (something that has become an unwelcome occurrence in Hollywood). People were dubious at the announcement of a film being made on 9/11, but Paul GreengrassUnited 93 turned out to be one of the best movies of the decade. This, of course, is a different spin of things with 60 short films being developed for an hour long project but I suspect it could be something to look out for.

Are you a fan of Bong Joon-Ho? What do you think of a film being made on the Japan Earthquake?

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