With Toronto International Film Festival 2012 kicking off in just a few weeks, we’ve already got a wide variety of films we’re anticipating and today a trio of posters have arrived. First up we’ve got Fox Searchlight’s major awards play The Sessions, which we loved back at Sundance. Starring John Hawkes and Helen Hunt, we got a solid first trailer, but unfortunately this poster is about as plain as they come. In a iPhoto-esque montage, we’ve got an ugly blue background and seems to be made specifically for the nearly blind older demographic. Oh well, the film should be great.

Then we’ve got a one-sheet for In Bruges director Martin McDonagh‘s follow-up, Seven Psychopaths. We already featured the hilarious trailer and a series of character posters, but now this official one brings them all together including Colin Farrell, Tom Waits, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson, Christopher Walken, Abbie Cornish and Olga Kurylenko. It already leaked awhile back from a festival, but today it’s been released in full quality.

And lastly, after releasing the trailer earlier this week,  Cairo Time director Ruba Nadda returns with Inescapable and we’ve got the first theatrical poster which definitely aims for a Taken-esque feel. In the film Alexander Siddig plays a father headed back to Damascus, Syria attempting to find his daughter, who has disappeared with little trace, with Marisa Tomei and Joshua Jackson also starring. Check them out below via MSN, Apple and Indiewire.

Inescapable, Seven Psychopaths and The Sessions all premiere at TIFF, kicking off on September 6th. The latter two then arrive in theaters in October.

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