Werner Herzog

One could listen to the one-of-a-kind wisdom of Werner Herzog for hours on end, but when he gets into a room with Marc Maron, the conversation is bound to get even more introspective. In his latest podcast, he invites the legendary filmmaker to primarily discuss his new documentary, Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World (our review), but also his career in general, among many other things.

In the one-hour talk, Herzog discusses how the internet is neither good nor evil, his rare experience of a dream, his short-lived religious awakening, what to do if technology fails, his “handsome” pay day for Jack Reacher, the dedication of Marilyn Monroe, the New German Cinema movement (but don’t call it that), facing fears with Grizzly Man, and how he doesn’t mind the digital revolution in filmmaking.

“The system of distribution is too slow for my output,” he notes. Indeed, along with Lo and Behold this week and Queen of the Desert still awaiting distribution, he has the volcano documentary Into the Inferno (which he confirms will premiere at Telluride) as well as the drama Salt and Fire with Michael Shannon, which will stop by TIFF.

Check out the full talk below, beginning around the 34:30-minute mark, as well as Herzog’s analyzation of Kanye West‘s “Famous” music video, courtesy of The Daily Beast.

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