It’s as if kryptonite has spilled out of the superhero world and into our public water system – and we’re all genetically connected to Clark Kent. Yes, the harsh thought of a first time director at the helm of the new Superman film might come to be an inevitable truth. But please, don’t position a gun to your dome quite yet.It’s being reported from IESB (via /Film) that Christopher Nolan’s brother Jonah Nolan will be called upon to direct Superman: Man of Steel. Thinking back to 2008, Christopher Nolan’s epic smash The Dark Knight took the world by storm, and also took a whopping one billion dollars plus at the box office. With that being said Christopher Nolan was and is being held as a modern day saint in the film world, which grants him the ability to be his own “studio,” for the lack of a better word. Warner Bros is apparently asking him what their move should be when it comes to hiring a director for Superman: Man of Steel. It’s like a friendly chess match:  Warner Bros on one side while Christopher Nolan’s on the other attempting to check mate Warner Bros with a pawn, Jonah Nolan.

Would anyone in their right mind give a $150-250 million dollar film to a newbie director even if their older bro made the studio millions of dollars? Let’s hope the same level of blood for directing in Christopher Nolan’s veins resides in Jonah Nolan’s heart.  If we go back in time a few years the name Peter Jackson rings a bell. Bob Shaye and Newline risked millions of dollars on Peter Jackson with his blockbuster trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. By the amount of t-shirts, figurines, DVD sales, and The Lord of the Rings festivals erected, I’d say Peter Jackson delivered for Newline. Lets hope the same rings true for Jonah Nolan.

Jonah Nolan is best known for writing the original story for Memento, for which he was nominated for an Academy Awards. He was additionally the credited screenwriter on The Prestige as well as The Dark Knight. He did touch up work on Terminator Salvation for which he was uncredited for , and has been collaborating with Steven Spielberg on a sci-fi project titled Interstellar.

How many fingers, toes, hairs, etc will you be crossing for Superman: Man of Steel’s success?

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