Director of the recent hit Avatar, James Cameron, gave a presentation at the Seoul Digital Forum on Thursday.  During his presentation, Cameron touched on the future of 3-D technology and how important of a role it will play in film, television, gaming, and consumer electronics in the coming years. During the conference he said Avatar 2 will take about 3 years to make and that he will announce the official release date soon. Check out out his thoughts on 3D below.

3-D is not only quickly dominating the film industry, but moving it’s way to encompass gaming, television, and consumer electronics.  3-D televisions are hitting the market and now there’s news that 3-D LCD screens for mobile devices are in production.  How long will it be until 3-D completely dominates these markets?  According to Cameron we could see 3-D go mainstream “in a couple of years…definitely less than the 25 years it took color movies.”

The blockbuster director also stated that 3-D is what consumers want and the consumers drive the market.  “Quite simply, where they had a choice, the audience was selecting for the best possible way to see the movie and they saw 3-D as the premium viewing experience”, he said.  With Avatar recently reaching over $2.7 Billion in worldwide sales, maybe he’s right.  Before Avatar was released, only a handful of 3-D films were being released.  That has quickly changed as numerous films are currently being released in the new format with future releases being post-converted or re-budgeted to be shot in 3-D.

Quotes credited to the Associated Press.

Is this the beginning of a “3-D renaissance” as Cameron states, reminiscent of sound and color being added to film, or is it simply a reemergence of a fad that was born and died in the 1950’s?

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