Ari Aster’s nearly-three hour journey Beau Is Afraid, described by the filmmaker himself as a “Jewish Lord of the Rings,” will arrive a bit earlier than expected. Now set to debut on April 14 in New York and LA before expanding wide the following week, including IMAX screens, we’ve received more context for what to expect thanks to a new series the director curated for Film at Lincoln Center.

Set to run April 14-20 at the NYC venue, selections include works by Alfred Hitchcock, Jiří Menzel, Guy Maddin, Albert Brooks, Nicholas Ray, Powell and Pressburger, Tsai Ming-liang, Jacques Tati, and more. “This eclectic and unexpected collection of masterworks drawn from seven decades of film history across a range of genres and production contexts sheds light on the inspirations and influences behind one of the most compelling directorial voices in Hollywood today,” notes the press release.

Aster also recently let slip that he’s developing a reunion with Joaquin Phoenix on an upcoming western. As we await his impending film and details on future projects, check out the list of films that “complement” the release of Beau Is Afraid below.

1. The Birds (Alfred Hitchcock)

2. Closely Watched Trains (Jiří Menzel)

3 & 4. Cowards Bend the Knee and Stump the Guesser (Guy Maddin)

5. Defending Your Life (Albert Brooks)

6. Invention for Destruction (Karel Zeman)

7. Johnny Guitar (Nicholas Ray)

8. A Matter of Life and Death (Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger)

9. Playtime (Jacques Tati)

10. The River (Tsai Ming-liang)

11. Wake in Fright (Ted Kotcheff)

12 & 13. The Wolf House and The Bones (Cristóbal León and Joaquín Cociña)

Last but not least, see a new behind-the-scenes video and first glimpse at the score below.

Ari Aster Selects runs April 14-20 at Film at Lincoln Center and Beau Is Afraid opens in NY/LA on April 14 before a wide release on April 21.

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