Solely its title suggests a perfect fit for Toronto International Film Festival’s late-night genre sidebar Midnight Madness and today brings our first look at the actual footage from All Cheerleaders Die. Directed by Lucky McKee (the twisted mind behind The Woman) and Chris Sivertson (of the Lindsay Lohan-led mystery I Know Who Killed Me), the film follows a high schooler who attempts to bring revenge by joining her local cheerleading squad.

We were mixed on the film in our review from the festival, but applauded it’s no-hold-barred approach, saying, “Everything’s fair game as long as it results in a bloody mess, dark mysticism, or genuine laughs. Lesbianism, rape, teen homicide, necrophilia, witchcraft — it’s all included, and it’s all shone in a comedic light. I applaud its take-no-prisoners mentality, accurately embellished teen clichés, and ability to elicit some chuckles. With a Carrie-lite tease of a sequel, however, I wonder if we’ve already seen enough.” Coming from AICN, check out the first sales teaser below, which packs more than a few surprises.

Expect a 2014 release for All Cheerleaders Die.

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