James Franco’s Short, Sweet, Strange ‘Broken Tower’ Teaser

Written by , on January 10, 2012 at 11:47 pm 

He’s nothing if not interesting. We can certainly say that. The Broken Tower, James Franco‘s experimental telling of the life of poet Hart Crane (written, directed and starring Mr. Franco), now has a teaser that makes good on all of the promises so many media outlets have been telling us about Franco for the past year: he’s different. And, it would appear, in a good way.

Featuring a series of handheld shots that show Crane (Franco) in front of the Eiffel Tower among other notable monuments, as well as next to the large Michael Shannon. See for yourself below:


From Focus World and director/star James Franco, a film about visionary poet Hart Crane, who lived a life of beauty, passion, and tragedy. Hart Crane was one of the most important voices in American poetry – but lived a life with as much turmoil as passion. From his early life to his journeys from New York, Cuba, and Paris, Crane’s story and that of the loves that defined him is told with imaginative empathy, and with a no holds barred performance – in a film as introspective, rebellious, heartbreaking, and honest as Crane himself.

The film is out now on VOD, under Focus Features’ Focus World banner and arriving on DVD on March 27th.

Will you pay to see James Franco’s experimental film?

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