One of our most-anticipated titles on the fall festival circuit is At Any Price, a major step-up for modern neorealist master Ramin Bahrani (Chop ShopMan Push Cart). Led by Zac EfronDennis Quaid and Heather Graham, the film follows a young race-car driver (Efron), whose hopes are dashed when his father’s (Quaid) farming operation goes under a government investigation.

Ahead of its Venice premiere, the first footage has arrived thanks to an opening reel from the ceremony. The short clip provides a look at an exchange between a cocky Efron, who seemingly just won a major race and his father, who wants to go out and celebrate. The style certainly looks more formal than we’re used to from Bahrani, but let’s wait to judge until we’ve seen a full trailer. Check out the tease below.

At Any Price premieres at Venice and TIFF with Sony Pictures Classics recently picking it up for US distribution.

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