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‘Act of Valor’ Co-Director Scott Waugh Adapting ‘Hawken’ Into Feature Film

Written by on July 16, 2012 

One of the most profitable movies of the year thus far is the Navy SEALS actioner Act of Valor. Made for just over $10 million, the film has already brought in over $80 million, which has led filmmakers behind the feature, Scott Waugh and Mike McCoy, to get their pick of the proverbial Hollywood litter. While many jokingly called their debut film Call of Duty: The Movie, their follow-ups are certainly continuing in that path.

Waugh has already confirmed his next film to be an adaptation of the videogame Need for Speed and now he’s added another similar property to his queue. At Comic-Con this week, the director has signed on to bring the videogame Hawken to the big screen for Warner Bros.

The first-person mech combat videogame is based on the widely used Unreal engine and will focus on action-filled multiplayer matches. Made by independent developer Adhesive Games, Meteor Entertainment will release the free-to-game later this year. For a game with no single-player storyline, one wonders what the interest is to make this into a film. Hopefully we’ll see a reason soon, as the project gets further developed.

Are you looking forward to Hawken? Do you want to see it get the feature film treatment?

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