One of the greatest existential delights of the last half-decade has been Don Hertzfeldt’s World of Tomorrow series of shorts. Thus far, he has released two episodes, the first debuting in 2015 and the second, with the subtitle of The Burden of Other People’s Thoughts, arriving in 2017. After hinting he was working on another project, the Austin, Texas-based animator has unveiled that project is indeed a third episode of World of Tomorrow and it will be coming soon. Officially titled World of Tomorrow: Episode Three – The Absent Destinations of David Prime, the first teaser has now landed with Hertzfeldt revealing “it’s almost time.”

Speaking to his inspiration for the films, Hertzfeldt told us, “I think the main thing directly for this film was, visually, I love the old, 50’s and 60’s sci-fi magazines and anthologies and dime store novels, I love the cover art. I love the very modern illustrations. You usually see a bold primary color and then these sharp geometric shapes that’s implying something and then in front of it all are your heroes. And they’re running from something with like a ray-gun or something. I’ve always loved the bold modern designs of the 50’s when it seemed like everything looks better designed than today. You know, a cereal box. So those covers were the direct inspiration for the look, more just these extra geometric shapes moving all these directions, and colors. I wanted the film to really, really explode with color, color, color.”

Check out the teaser below as we await more details, including the specific release plans.

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