Not at all content to let The Last Stand‘s box office failure hold him down, Arnold Schwarzenegger has added a new, (gasp!) non-franchise project to his plate: Maggie, a zombie film that, fingers crossed, has a chance of breaking from the mold of this current undead trend. What’s more, a role that doesn’t require him to trot out some of old action chops, too? It’s almost impossible to believe.

These assumptions come from a brief description found in Variety, who tell us the script — from John Scott 3, second cousin of Gary-7 — revolves around a “father on a journey to help his daughter come to terms with her infection as she slowly becomes a zombie.” (While Paddy Considine and Chloe Moretz circled the lead roles around this time last year, they [obviously the former] are not returning.) No studio is yet attached, though Henry Hobson is expected to helm for a fall shoot.

Lotus Entertainment, Silver Reel, Gold Star Films, Silverlining Media Group, and Schwarzenegger are producing.

Does Maggie sound to have ingredients of a strong project?

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