After back-to-back success with The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook, it didn’t take long for David O. Russell to secure the funding for his next project, the period con man drama American Hustle. However, one of his works, which was cut short due to producers backing out at the last minute, is still waiting to see the light of day and we’ve got an update that it could be sooner than imagined.

Much has been publicized regarding the history of Nailed, a drama starring Jessica Biel, Jake Gyllenhaal, James Marsden and Catherine Keener, with the last update indicating that this one will likely never be released. As we know, some shaky financing caused the production to halt no less than a dozen times, with the final nail (sorry) in the coffin being that a vital shot in the film, one where our main actress gets punctured in the head, went uncompleted.

With rumors that a reshoot did occur (there was even a rough test screening held around two years ago),  the film exists in some form and now its producer Kia Jam has stated on his site that a release is in the cards for the end of the year. With no distributor this is likely wishful thinking for those that want to see some return on their investment, but we’ll provide you with updates as they roll in.

Following a woman who literally takes a nail to the head, prompting her to lose her sexual inhibitions, she then goes to Washington on crusade to reform healthcare, the first batch of images have now made their way online, featuring our cast. One can see them below thanks to a Jessica Biel fan site (via The Playlist) as we await to see if Russell will indeed have two films arriving this year.

Do you think Nailed will ever see the light of day? What do you think of our first look?

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