When foreign actors or actresses make it big in Hollywood, some usually forgo their roots and decide to stay on the upward path of the same. This certainly isn’t true for Salma Hayek, who bounces around from country to country seemingly with every new feature. Her fun, satiric foreign drama As Luck Would Have It premiered at Tribeca earlier this spring and now her latest, Americano, is set to hit theaters this month. Directed by and co-starring Mathieu Demy, there didn’t seem to be much fanfare regarding the project coming out of its TIFF premiere, as the first trailer  via Apple hints at a somewhat generic family drama, albeit with a strong sense of the environment. Check out Hayek getting back to her From Dusk ‘Til Dawn as a stripper below.


AMERICANO, Mathieu Demy’s directorial debut, is both an homage tohis famous parents, filmmakers Agnes Varda and Jacques Demy, and a work thatstands entirely on its own. A deeply moving drama about inheritance andlegacy that deftly mines the past of a true-life filmmaking family,AMERICANO weaves a mesmerizing fictional narrative about coming to termswith unattended grief and uncomfortable pasts.

Americano hits theaters on June 15th, 2012.

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