There are few movies that exist which earn the people involved a “lifetime pass” for the rest of their careers, but I consider Back to the Future one of them. Those of you who have seen the movie just nodded your head in agreement; those of you who haven’t seen it aren’t reading this because you don’t exist. Much of the reason Back to the Future is so beloved is due to the script co-written by Bob Gale. If you pay attention to the other film writers and the people in the Twitterverse, people gush about how perfect the screenplay is from a storytelling standpoint and considering my statement at the beginning of this article, I’m definitely on their side.

Because of this (and the 1989 sequel Back to the Future: Part II, which I consider to be way more fun despite being not as good as the first), Bob Gale gets a lifetime pass. Not that he’s really needed it, since he’s barely done any writing since those two movies (a Tales from the Crypt episode and 2002’s Interstate 60 being the only two that stick out), but the prospect of Gale getting back into writing excites me, regardless, and it looks like he’s finally returning to the big screen. Variety reports that the man has signed on to adapt Scott Hampton‘s graphic novel Trespassers. The story follows a group of paranormal mythbusters who head to a supposed haunted house to debunk it, but end up encountering demons because, surprise, it is haunted. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

Admittedly, the premise for Trespassers sounds a bit weak, but with Gale handling the script, I can’t help but feel at least a little bit optimistic. Part of the “lifetime pass” by-laws and such. Who knows, maybe this could give Gale the urge to write Back to the Future: Part IV! I 100% guarantee that won’t happen, but I feel like throwing a rumor out there on the internet just to mess with people.

Have you read Trespassers? Is it worth making into a movie?

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