One of the more purely pleasurable films I saw at Sundance Film Festival earlier this year was the latest from Once and Sing Street director John Carney. Flora and Son stars single mom Flora (Eve Hewson, in a great performance) and she finds a musical outlet for her son to help with his rebellious side and she ends up taking part in the hobby. Also starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the film has been set for a theatrical release on September 22 before arriving on Apple TV+ on September 29 and now the first trailer has arrived.

I said in my review, “The career of Once and Sing Street director John Carney is a curious one, reiterating the same theme in each of his most notable movies: the power of music to heal emotional wounds and reconnect broken bonds. As his latest feel-good musical dramedy Flora and Son proves, he’s got this simple yet winsome formula down pat. Despite the machinations to tug each heartstring and coerce each smile being apparent from a mile away, Carney’s lively energy, flippant humor, and embrace of earnestness makes his latest work sing.”

See the trailer below.

Flora and Son arrives in theaters on September 22 and on Apple TV+ on September 29.

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