One of the most intriguing, well-accomplished debuts I saw back at New Directors/New Films in 2018 was Yui Kiyohara’s mysterious drama Our House. The Japanese director returned to the festival this year with Remembering Every Night, a serenely beautiful and humorous ode to summer living near Tokyo following the journeys of a few women. Shot by Yukiko Iioka (Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy)––and, like Ryusuke Hamaguchi, Kiyohara is also a student of Kiyoshi Kurosawa––the Berlinale selection was picked up by KimStim for a theatrical release starting September 15th, alongside Our House, at NYC’s Film at Lincoln Center. Ahead of theatrical release, we’re pleased to exclusively debut the first trailer and below.

Here’s the synopsis: “A film that moves on the rhythms of a gentle breeze, Yui Kiyohara’s follow-up to her acclaimed Our House is an evocatively quotidian film that’s as mysterious and beautiful as everyday life. Kiyohara immerses viewers in the quiet pursuits of several women, including a wandering university student, a helpful neighborhood meter reader, and a middle-aged gentle soul seeking employment but finding herself agreeably lost instead. Their paths converge or miss one another over the course of a single sunny afternoon, captured by Kiyohara with calming long takes and the occasional drifting camera that seems to have a perspective all its own. Remembering Every Night is a treasure of unconventional filmmaking that abounds with simple pleasures, reminding viewers of the fragility of time, happiness, and love.”

See the exclusive trailer and poster below.

Remembering Every Night opens on September 15 at NYC’s Film at Lincoln Center (along with Our House) and September 22 at LA’s Laemmle Theatres and will expand via Kimstim Films.

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