Consistent comparison to Parasite is the dream of any sales agent and producer in 2023, which surely made those behind Raging Grace awfully pleased. Solidifying it a whole lot more was the film putting that money where its mouth is: at this year’s South By Southwest it nabbed the Grand Jury prize and special notice for writer-director Paris Zarcilla. Riding these coattails, the film will open on December 1 and (naturally) there is now a trailer.

It’s an effectively cut and scored bit of work that nicely portends the film John Fink commended in his SXSW review. As he said, “Zarcilla frames his film as more of an atmospheric dark comedy with a sharp commentary on colonization that is often both innovative and creepy. While it doesn’t quite achieve the genius of Bong’s angry satire, it does come close: it reveals exactly what is going on and who is in control of the situation. Like Parasite, it’s a film in which the more of this creepy home we explore, the more we learn about the lives of the family that inhabit it.”

Find preview and poster below:

Joy (Max Eigenmann) is an undocumented Filipino immigrant struggling to do the best she can to support her daughter, Grace (Jaeden Boadilla). Soon she secures the perfect job: taking care of an extremely wealthy but terminal old man. The new position pays well and guarantees a roof over their heads, but very soon, Joy and Grace start to realize everything is not as it seems. Something is festering beneath the surface, threatening all they have worked for.

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