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John Goodman to Collect From ‘The Gambler,’ Gerard Butler Leading ‘Point Break’ Remake & More

Written by on January 9, 2014 

As proven in Hollywood, if John Goodman is part of your ensemble, there’s a scientific chance it’ll be a worthwhile films. Rupert Wyatt is the latest to take those bets, as he’s just just added the actor to his remake of The Gambler, which is led by Mark Wahlberg and also stars Brie Larson. Based on the 1974 James Caan-led drama, the story follows a professor who gets in over his head with both gangsters and those in his personal life thanks to a gambling addiction. Goodman takes the role of a Jewish loan shark that’s out to collect Wahlberg’s debt. Adapted by William Monahan (The Departed), production kicks off this year for a 2015 release. [The Wrap]

In other casting news, a Gregg Allman biopic has found its second actor to take the role. After Tyson Ritter, who has rock experience leading The All-American Rejects, was set to play the young Allman, William Hurt has now signed on to portray the rock star in his later years. Titled Midnight Rider, the adaptation of the memoir My Cross to Bear also stars Wyatt Russell as Duane Allman and tracks the band’s rise to fame and the problems down the road. Production begins next month for a likely 2015 release by Open Road. [THR]

Transitioning to the action realm, Bruce Willis is set to replace Arnold Schwarzenegger in Captive, which follows a real estate honcho that’s held for ransom in Brazil as a detective tries to track him down. Simon Brand, who directed the thriller Unknown a few years back, is set to kick off production in March. Considering Willis’ track record, we can’t say our anticipation is too high for this one, but at least it’s not another Expendables. [Variety]

Last, and certainly least, is casting news regarding a needless remake. Approaching its 25th anniversary, Kathryn Bigelow‘s Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze actioner Point Break is indeed getting a do-over, with Fast & Furious cinematographer Ericson Core at the helm. We’ve now got news that Gerard Butler is in final talks to lead the update, in the role originated by Swayze, that of an extreme sports nut who specializes in catching massive waves (I take it the producers were the only ones that saw Chasing Mavericks).

This new version will take on a global canvas, as opposed to just the California setting of the original. The role of the FBI agent (originally played by Reeves) who pulls him into the world of crime has not been cast yet, but considering how poorly 47 Ronin did, and his lack of visible aging, why not just bring Reeves back? Expect production to kick off this year. [THR]

Which film are you most looking forward to?

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