Few discoveries are quite as joyous as Joseph Losey. Though a wide, dense filmography, his is perhaps best-liked for its selection of thrillers—perfectly attenuated, often subverting expectations for being less about mystery than a creeping dread of what’s surely to come. Few resonate more than The Servant, his domestic cat-and-mouse game that (among other things) served as a key influence on Parasite, and unlike that film knows how to round out its story. A Harold Pinter script can take you far.

Thus there’s joy seeing StudioCanal will release a 4K restoration theatrically and on home video this fall. The ensuing trailer gives sense of Losey’s superb stylings, if not overselling the dramatic thrust a bit—one joy of The Servant is its refusal to surrender to the histrionics à la that score put on top here. Whatever gets audiences aboard, I guess.

Find the preview and poster below:

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