Right under our noses, Adam Brody,  Zachary Quinto,  Amber Tamblyn and Taran Killam were all filming an indie in Manhattan. Word of this production has only now arrived as the film, titled Growing Up (and Other Lies), is getting some work done in upper Manhattan; a fan even caught Brody shooting in their neighborhood.

It was revealed that Saturday Night Live star Killam (who also has a part in Steve McQueen‘s Twelve Years a Slave) would headline as an artist headed back home to run the family business, and whose ambitions are hurt by an ex-girlfriend (Tamblyn). But now we have more, thanks to the film’s production company, so check out that synopsis below.

“A day before 30-year-old Jake Reznowski moves from New York City back home to Ohio, he recruits his three oldest friends to retrace their greatest adventure in the city: walking the entire, 260-block length of the island of Manhattan in one day. GROWING UP (AND OTHER LIES) mixes the comedic tone of DINER with the meandering structure of BEFORE SUNRISE, while turning the traditional coming-of-age story upside-down by questioning the very notion that boys ever do become men.”

Darren Grodsky and Danny Jacobs — a directorial duo who have only made one feature, Humboldt County — are behind Growing Up, which is scheduled to be in production for a mere 20 days. That means they’re already halfway done with things, thus making a 2013 release fairly likely, with a Sundance bow possibly in the cards. Given the unique premise and nice onscreen quartet, we’ll look out and see where it’s headed during that time. [OLV/Cinando/Fortalent]

Update: Variety reports that Wyatt Cenac, Josh Lawson, Danny Jacobs and Lauren Miller have also joined the cast.

What impression do you get from Growing Up (and Other Lies)?

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