wong kar-wai new film

They may not offer a whole lot of information, but The Standard (via Yahoo Singapore) nevertheless bring one of this year’s most promising news items: Wong Kar-wai is in some state of development on his next film, described only as… a romance. (In other news, Michael Bay will soon direct an action film and Abbas Kiarostami is planning a car-set dialogue.) Mei Ah Entertainment are backing the title, which is expected to go before cameras next year with an actor “all women are crazy about” — already leading to speculation about the involvement of Tony Leung, as is only natural. (And entirely unconfirmed.)

That’s as far as it currently goes, I’m afraid, but when one of the our greatest filmmakers — and, hell, maybe one of the greatest who’s ever lived, as his last endeavor (in its elongated form) would further the argument for — has something new on the horizon, attention must be paid. (Nearly-18-month-old news about a Grandmaster sequel has lost a bit of stock by now, anyway.) For now, we can only hope things — funding, for one, as well as not taking several years to complete production — progress smoothly, because there are few developing pictures we anticipate with the same intensity.

Are you glad to hear Wong is moving on something new? Any idea as to what it might be?

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