Immediately following an unexpected departure and behind-closed-doors deliberations — the sort that will come to affect over 1.2 billion people — the choice has been made: Disney’s Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day will be directed by the man who made Cedar Rapids.

Did anything else happen in the news today? None of it carries half the same impact anymore, as Deadline report that the Steve Carell-starrer, recently dropped by writer-director Lisa Cholodenko, is now being handed over to Miguel Arteta, the gentleman behind Youth in Revolt and 2011’s aforementioned Ed Helms comedy. If you’ve seen those two, and if you’ve found them funny (the odds of which are not so low), it’s an agreeable, if not outright “inspiring” choice. There will probably be fewer jokes sex-related activity, for one (unfortunate) thing.

Well, who knows: the children’s book upon which it’s to be based follows a day in the life of Alexander, a young boy whose (terrible, horrible, no good, very) bad day sees him consider a move to Australia. (I concede that this is, perhaps, not in tune with what Arteta‘s done in past outings.) Carell is to play the boy’s father, and his casting is one of the few things this Cholodenko– and Rob Lieber-scripted project has going on at the moment; speaking on the grounds of general “plot,” the direction it will end up taking remains hugely unclear to me.

But while Arteta is no Spike Jonze, leaning in the direction of Where the Wild Things Are — i.e., using the book as a springboard to explore things of greater personal interest, even if they end up belonging to the co-writer, Cholodenko — would be pretty nice altogether. With a fall start being the objective, their creative plans ought to become clear in little time.

How do you feel about this replacement? Does it make any difference in interest whatsoever?

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