Filmmaker David Lynch has the strange tendency of simply releasing films when they’re ready.  Often, little hype surrounds the pictures before they hit theaters.  Sure, they may hit a few festivals (sometimes as prestigious as Cannes), but even then they often just “appear” out of thin air, having been shot and edited under a low profile.  His last film Inland Empire was a perfect example of this, with Lynch only making references to it at festivals and Q & A’s as being about “a woman in trouble” and very little else.  Oddly enough when the film was released, like many of his other works, people still couldn’t figure out what the movie was about.  He’s continued to do work after the film was released in 2006, mainly internet and anthology shorts, even a music CD entitled Dark Night of the Soul, but there hasn’t been much talk of a new feature from him.  While perusing his Wikipedia page earlier this week, I looked at the information section at the bottom of the page for his work.  Directed to my attention was a new work next to the 2010’s decade spot.

Simply titled Snootworld, I clicked on the link and got something to the degree of “David Lynch’s next planned film, an animated feature, etc.”.  Unfortunately the link for that has disappeared , and one is simply left with an italicized title for the film at the bottom of the page and a projected release of 2010.  On him IMDb page, he is listed as producer for the film, and those with an IMDb Pro account can look more closely at the project information on the film’s page.  A quick Google search brings up some information as well, some minor information, and also an AICN article all the way back from 2003 discussing the project, saying Lynch wrote the script and plans to direct the film.  Further information is somewhat scattered and scarce right now, but hopefully we learn more soon.

The reason I bring all this up is because it doesn’t seem like many people have taken notice of this project on the horizon.  Whether or not any of this turns out to hold any truth, we can’t figure out right now.  Hopefully Lynch makes another announcement about his upcoming works in the near future, as I’m always curious to see what he has planned next to unleash on audiences.

What do you think of Lynch’s potential next project?

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