A filmography littered with thrilling, smart, sometimes even emotional entertainment is reason enough to love Sam Raimi. Never before, however, have we added to the pile by looking at what he kept from our sensitive, franchise-respecting eyes.

Yet that’s just what happened. THR tells us the director has successfully prevented Award Pictures from making Evil Dead 4: Consequences, an unauthorized project whose existence violated rights which are still in the possession of Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and Robert Tapert‘s Renaissance Pictures. (That is, the three people whose attention you don’t want to attract here.) After the company made no significant effort to combat a lawsuit — one which simply stated, big shock, that the rights are not in their possession — a California judge prevented Award from employing Evil Dead‘s name or trademarks in any of their own productions. (It’s also said this endeavor would have impeded Raimi‘s own plans for a fourth installment, though it’s pretty clear, by now, that this is actually in reference to Fede Alvarez‘s upcoming remake. Sorry, fans.)

Award are trying to argue against the decision; having cited the trio’s inactive attitude toward their own franchise as strong enough grounds to move forward in the first place, they’ll employ that argument once more. It’s very doubtful this ends up working, though, and more-than-likely that Evil Dead simply falls into the hands of those behind the remake. And if you were having trouble with that, just think what some company would do with an unofficial follow-up. More chilling than the Necronomicon.

Meanwhile, Evil Dead will open on April 12th, 2013.

Are you glad to see Raimi exert some control over his most beloved work?

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