There are some great filmmakers who, outside their own pictures, have little of note to say — sometimes from a personal desire to maintain an artistic image, and in other instances the result of simply having little on their mind. This certainly doesn’t apply to Robert Bresson, whose invaluable contributions to the medium extend past writing / directing and, in one such case, writing, with his hypnotic Notes on the Cinematographer. It was in 1965 when a French program, Cinéastes de notre temps, shed light on the helmer for an hour-plus conversation concerning both the craft and medium at large, offering a more personal insight than his own, linked-to text might be said to supply. While those unfamiliar with Bresson‘s work should still find great value in the talk, we hope this is taken as some proper incentive to finally, at long last, see one of his pictures.

Have a look below (via A-Bittersweet-Life):

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