With his latest endeavor, Snowpiercer, now playing in limited release — steadily trickling out to other territories all the while — take a moment to look back at the origins of Bong Joon-ho. Yes, that’s right: time for a student film! While holed up at the Korean Academy of Film Arts in 1994, the future master of genre storytelling crafted Incoherence, a four-episode work divided by its focus on three men caught in separate scenarios which, collectively, speak to his particular penchant for humor and institutional criticism.

Though hardly the finest thing he’s yet to produce (stiff company), what’s available is worth watching, both as an early peek — consider how many compositions and camera moves relate to what’s seen in something as big-scale as the latest title — and more broadly, a well-structured piece of storytelling. Then, please, go see Snowpiercer when it comes your way — particularly in favor of almost anything playing next to it at the multiplex.

All four parts can be seen below (via The Seventh Art):

The epilogue cannot be embedded, so click here to see it for yourself.

Is Incoherence a worthy predecessor to Bong’s feature work?

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