365 days ago, we told you Warren Beatty settled on Felicity Jones for his untitled biopic of Howard Hughes. In the full year since — one filled with love, heartache, and questions about one’s own place on Earth (just me?) — that well of information went and dried up like it had been hit by the dust bowl. At some point, I just figured his last grasp at a film project was done for.

Everyone’s favorite OCD victim may have one less depiction, but his actual “last grasp at a film project” is not necessarily off the table. During some celebrity-filled event you were not invited to, THR caught up with Beatty‘s wife / no slouch herself, Annette Bening, who told the outlet her schedule is always occupied by what she calls Untitled Warren Beatty Project. What, you ask? Something the helmer’s been taking a crack at with she and Jack Nicholson in mind. (Owen Wilson also fits into the equation, possibly because he really liked How Do You Know and wants to see the two male leads back together.) Otherwise…

Well, who knows. Although his good friend had been mentioned as a candidate for the Hughes film, something tells me this is not, in fact, that very project — maybe, quite simply, because it failed — but, hey, I could just as easily be wrong. If you want to guess, guess. When I haven’t the slightest clue, it’s usually best to just sit back and see how it unfolds.

Although we know so little about this project, does the prospect have you keeping an eye out?

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