While Summit Entertainment has staked (sorry) their claim in the current vampire world with the Twilight films, which many have accused of leading the pack of a cheapening of vampire stories in general, it looks as though they may find a way to redeem themselves with a new project. Brad Pitt’s Plan B entertainment is eying a new film about the legendary Vlad the Impaler (guess what he liked to do), who many state was the inspiration for the original Dracula novel. This comes from THR, via Cinematical. The script is written by former actor Charlie Hunnam, and negotiations are in place with music video director Anthony Mandler. Both sources indicate he even prepared a “sizzle reel” for Summit, which they were reportedly greatly impressed by.

Vlad Tepes, also known as the impaler, is one of history’s most notorious figures for the atrocities he committed, and because of this would likely make very interesting subject matter.  While Twilight is ruining things for every other vampire story out there, something like this could be a shot in the arm for the mythology. My only real concern right now is in hiring a music video director. While we sometimes get a David Fincher or a Spike Jonze, we also get a McG thrown in there as well, with all style, no substance. Not to discredit Mandler’s work already, just pure speculation.

What do you think of this potential project?

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