While speaking to Interview Magazine, Val Kilmer let some new information out about one of my more anticipated films of the year, Francis Ford Coppola‘s Twixt Now and Sunrise. The information out there on it has been a little smaller than we would like, but all of it has at least made it seem fascinating.

One of the things about the film’s production that raises the most questions is its use of 3D, which Coppola has said won’t be for a gimmicky purpose, but to serve the story. Kilmer said the following about it:

“There’s a couple of dream sequences. What Francis has done is use the 3-D sparingly. It only comes a couple of times, so it’s very memorable when there’s an event and you put your glasses on.”

We’ve heard before that it would take place somewhere in the middle of the film, and the context in which its used is something that we probably could have guessed. As the movie was inspired by the filmmaker’s “alcohol-induced dream,” the presence of those isn’t a big surprise. How they’ll actually work in the finished product is still up for debate, but I like the approach he seems to be taking.

The character, according to Kilmer, is also based off of none other than Godfather author Mario Puzo, who’s past collaborations with Coppola changed the course of film history. Additionally, he let it slip what kind of creatures we can expect to terrorize him:

“It’s a Halloween extravaganza. There’re dogs and vampires. I play a writer who’s something like [author] Mario Puzo, or at least how Francis describes Puzo‘s experience where he wrote The Godfather while he was waiting for inspiration for his masterpiece. My character is a guy who tossed off this book about witches, and it became a big deal, and now he’s known as doing these silly witch books and he’s on hard times now looking for inspiration.”

The more and more we hear about this, the more I can’t wait. His comments about it being a “Halloween extravaganza” tie in with Coppola referring to it as a “Halloween show;” if this means it’s getting released around that time isn’t 100% clear, but I’d take it into account. All I ask of the people behind this is to just give us a trailer, so the wait is at least a little less painful.

What do you make of Kilmer’s statements? Do they make you more interested in the film?

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