On our podcast review of Snow White and the Huntsman, my co-hosts and I briefly joked about Universal’s tactic of placing “From the Producer of Alice in Wonderland” across every piece of marketing under the sun — when, obviously, no one knows who that actually is — and, from that point, mockingly asked just what he might do next. (It was fun; please listen to the episode.)

We have an answer. Variety reports that Joe Roth (that’s his name, by the way) and Universal will, once again, combine money-making forces on a genre piece. In this case, I refer to the spec script Bethlehem, written by newcomer Larry Brenner, that revolves around a group of people seeking help from “an unlikely ally” as they try to make their way toward Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Cedric Nicolas-Troyan (Huntsman‘s second unit director) will, much like Rupert Sanders, make his directing debut on the film.

For some idea of what we can expect, visually, watch his short film Carrot vs. Ninja below:

A similar update has also come in from Variety, who say DreamWorks will produce a sci-fi film, Glimmer, one they’ve bought on spec from Carter Blanchard. It’s an “Amblin-esque” found footage (strike one) tale combining the respective best and worst things known to man: time travel and teenagers. (I’d think it’s Chronicle-esque, then, but what do I even know.) Madhouse are producing the film, which is still in its early stages.

Will you be keeping an eye out on where these two films go?

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