Tom Hardy-Led ‘Locke’ Gets Curious, Double-Sided Sell

Written by on April 7, 2014 

Though it premiered at last year’s Venice Film Festival and landed on our list of this year’s most-anticipated releases, there seems to have been a minimal amount of buzz surrounding the Tom Hardy-led Locke, a thriller which earns some early distinction for adapting the sometimes-great (but not always) real-time approach. Bits of initial word have nevertheless been fine, and the promise of a terrific actor doing what is essentially a one-man project might speak for itself — or speak some volumes, at the very least.

With its release date only a few weeks out, the U.K. distributors have put a slightly different approach to the usual marketing business, selling us two 30-second trailers: one with boring, antiquated forward-motion ways, the other running in REVERSE!, because time is a flat circle and so on. The exact premise writer-director Steven Knight has conceived remains a mystery for the time being, but an ample job has been done to sell it based on conceit alone. Gimmickry notwithstanding, I can’t wait to see how it’s been set to unfurl.

Watch the trailer(s) below:


Ivan Locke has crafted a nearly flawless life. Professionally, he is an obsessive perfectionist, respected by his coworkers and loved by his bosses. He cherishes the bond he shares with his two sons and the unshakeable partnership he has developed with his wife. This is the life he always imagined, an ideal existence built with painstaking care.

Hours before the biggest day of his career, Locke receives a phone call that threatens to destroy the life he has worked so meticulously to create. As he struggles to keep his world intact, he is forced to confront his imperfections and the fractured foundation where they are rooted.

Locke will hit theaters on April 25.

Does this different approach raise your curiosity about the film?

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