‘The Playroom’ Trailer – Take a Trip Back to the ’70s with John Hawkes and Family

Written by on January 17, 2013 

While you may have already seen this clip, a proper introduction to The Playroom is only just coming your way. Present, now, is a trailer for the ’70s-set familial drama — starring John Hawkes, Molly Parker, and an actor who wasn’t on Deadwood (or in anything I’ve ever encountered), Olivia Harris — that yours truly saw at last year’s Tribeca. I was a big fan of it then, and that opinion hasn’t degraded in nine months’ time.

As a matter of fact (or opinion), watching the preview only reminds me why I liked Julia Dyer‘s picture so much at the time: this is a work with gentle, careful, yet resolutely unsentimental touches in its depiction of this long-gone time. It’s hard to get that kind of feeling in short bits, though, and this trailer is playing it up as a slightly more raucous time than what you’ll get inside a theater, on home video, or through VOD. Nevertheless, those who responded to this in one way or another are sure to find (at least) a couple of things to appreciate in The Playroom as a whole.

The trailer can be seen below (via Yahoo!):


Set in the suburbs during the 1970s, the story unfolds like a dream wrapped around a family drama, one in which all members of the Cantwell family struggle to find their way in a rapidly changing world. Maggie is a vulnerable yet tempestuous teenager who acts as big sister and surrogate mother to her three younger siblings. Upstairs in the attic she tells them fantastical stories, but only to mask what is happening downstairs. As her hard-drinking parents, Martin and Donna, entertain guests, Maggie grapples with their flawed choices and is thrust into a world she might not be ready for.

The Playroom will enter limited release on February 8th.

What do you think of this trailer? How does it sell you on the film?

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