‘Stolen’ Trailer – Nicolas Cage Gets His Own ‘Taken,’ Courtesy of Simon West

Written by on August 18, 2012 

Just when you think he’s getting back on track, Nicolas Cage goes and makes something like this. Even worse? I (only now) remember hearing about Stolen some six months or so ago and thinking, “Yeah, this could prove to be alright.” After all, the actor can still do his trashy stuff well, given the proper material; the concept of trying to track down one taxi, the trunk of which contains his character’s daughter, sounded sort of fun; and, when you break it down, Simon West isn’t too bad, either.

The first trailer, however, makes it clear that everyone’s taking a quick paycheck and getting the hell out before anyone else takes notice. Cage… is doing his thing again, but not in the entertaining sense, while Josh Lucas shows up with a ridiculous haircut that should make him look “grungy.” Or something. (Also, why is Justin Bieber playing the lead character’s daughter?) If it wasn’t for The Expendables 2, Stolen would make 2012 rough going for Simon West.

Watch the trailer below (via Yahoo!):

Malin Akerman, Danny Huston, and M.C. Gainey also appear in Stolen, which will open on September 14th.

Based on this first trailer, are Cage and West doing a good warmup for their eventual Expendables reunion?

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