Seth MacFarlane Gets Crude In Red-Band ‘Ted’ Trailer

Written by on April 1, 2012 

Ted was probably not made for me.

After all, I stopped watching Family Guy when it was evident my own sense of humor didn’t quite “jive” with what Seth MacFarlane aims for, and I honestly look back at the show with contempt and (is this word too strong?) disgust. Just awful, terrible material. Ted, by all accounts, is him taking this same brand of comedy, making it R-rated & live-action, and putting it in movie theaters.

That’s at least my basic impression from this first trailer, which provides plenty of vulgarity and drawn-out jokes, but not any real laughs. Here’s how this goes: Mark Wahlberg plays the owner of an anthropomorphic teddy bear, Ted, who feels the need to express himself like a crude Seth MacFarlane character — the fact that he’s voiced by the guy doesn’t help — while Mila Kunis is our lead’s ever-suffering girlfriend, a role I can already tell is not giving her enough to do. That basic outline appears to be the launching point for his typical brand of humor — which, admittedly, many people have a good time with. Me, I think I’m just going to have to sit this one out.

Watch the trailer below:

Ted opens on July 13th.

Are you interested from this trailer? Is MacFarlane’s comedy something that appeals to yourself in the first place?

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