Second International ‘Taken 2’ Trailer Expands Plot

Written by on July 6, 2012 

Despite the fact that it’s (technically) been no secret this whole time, the first Taken 2 trailer did some audio rejigging to hide a crucial plot point. I won’t go ahead and give it away right here (for the sake of your own convenience), but a small, second international preview adds it back in — and, at the same time, raises those stakes to a whole new level.

Well, you know Neeson‘s going to come out on top and kill a lot of people whilst attempting to do so, but these movies are always about the body-strewn destination, anyhow. Oh, I also have to say: Against what might be my better judgement, I think Taken 2 looks pretty fun. Though improving on the first won’t be a Herculean task in and of itself, I’m glad they seem to have a larger scope and, God willing, different take on the well-worn formula. If it’s basically the same movie, I bet there’s still something nice to be found.

Watch the trailer below (via /Film):

With Olivier Megaton directing, Taken 2 will open on October 5th.

Knowing more, does this second preview add promise to Taken 2?

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