‘Safe Haven’ Trailer – Nicholas Sparks Returns with Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough

Written by on October 23, 2012 

Hoping to replicate the box office success of 2010’s Dear John, Swedish director Lasse Hallström has come back to the work of Nicholas Sparks with yet another adaptation, Safe Haven. This one jettisons Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried, however, with room now being made for Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough (Rock of Ages) — or, the next step in an essentially interchangeable line of attractive star-crossed lovers you can put on the poster.

Really, try and tell the difference when watching the first trailer, which — in addition to committing the hideous sin of watermarking a hashtag from start to finish — displays precisely, in every fashion, what you’d expect from this kind of film. (In terms of story, tone, dialogue, music, the use of a beach.) This is not something about which I’d file a real complaint, as it just sort of lets us non-Sparks devotees know that this isn’t going to be our cup of romantic tea. Yes, even with Cobie Smulders in a supporting role.

Watch the preview below:

Synopsis: SAFE HAVEN is an affirming and suspenseful story about a young woman’s struggle to love again, Safe Haven is based on the novel from Nicholas Sparks, the best-selling author behind the hit films The Notebook and Dear John. When a mysterious young woman arrives in a small North Carolina town, her reluctance to join the tight knit community raises questions about her past. Slowly, she begins putting down roots, and gains the courage to start a relationship with Alex, a widowed store owner with two young children. But dark secrets intrude on her new life with such terror that she is forced to rediscover the meaning of sacrifice and rely on the power of love in this deeply moving romantic thriller.

Safe Haven will open on February 8th, 2013.

Does this trailer prove effective in any way? Were you already planning to see the film?

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