Red Band Trailer for ‘The Grey’

Written by on January 24, 2012 

Joe Carnahan‘s The Grey is hitting in a mere three days — we say that you should see it, by the way — but Open Road’s still gone ahead and put out a red band preview, for those of you who want a little more. Coming from Break (via /Film), this specific trailer manages to stand apart from past iterations due to, of course, the presence of some more violence and profanity, the latter on that part of Liam Neeson. Fun stuff, but it might perpetuate a (reportedly) false marketing move even further. Look out, CinemaScore rating!

Watch it below:

With The Grey right on the cusp of hitting theaters, Joe Carnahan is beginning to plan his future. It’s a place that could, by all means, could take him many places, and one of those happens to be James Ellroy‘s Los Angeles. In an interview with Vulture, the director revealed that his adaptation of the author’s White Jazz — which he was optimistic about a couple of weeks ago — could not only reunite him with Neeson once more, but even see the actor play a previously occupied role.

If you remember L.A. Confidential, you’re no doubt familiar with James Cromwell‘s turn as Dudley Smith, the corrupt Captain of the L.A. police department; and, well, Carnahan would like to have him take up that role, saying that Neeson is “absolutely 100 percent the Dud.” I can’t try and object, because that would be terrific casting.

Also, in case you wanted to know, Neeson told ShowBizSpy that he is in fact making a Dark Knight Rises appearance — but don’t ask him for plot points. The actor “can tell you nothing about Dark Knight Rises,” since he said that he “was on set for maybe an hour-and-a-half and the director didn’t tell me anything of what it’s about.” Okay, he obviously knows more than almost anyone else on the face of this Earth, but maybe it’s just a quick flashback with little impact on the overall plot; it’d still be nice to see him back in any capacity. [ThePlaylist]

The Grey opens on January 27th.

Are you impressed with this new trailer? Is it altering your expectations in any capacity?

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