‘Reality’ Trailer – Matteo Garrone’s ‘Gomorrah’ Follow-Up Prepares for U.S. Release

Written by on January 28, 2013 

When everyone else was busy praising Gomorrah years back, I, the eternal sourpuss, argued it to be a film which only “works,” technically, as the pilot for a great TV series or, alternatively, the 135-minute encapsulation of a great TV series’ first season. As something that had to conform to the strictures of regular-paced cinema, however, that multi-tier ensemble mob picture (despite snatches of brilliance) didn’t fully click.

Which makes it only slightly ironic that Matteo Garrone‘s next work takes place in the world of TV. The title, Reality, is something of a quick key-in as to what’s going on here, and only the first trailer brings a portrait of fame obsession that modern reality television feeds at a constant, dangerous rate. What’s here doesn’t fully enlighten questions about narrative or tonal content — there’s obviously some comedy, but just as much psychological horror — though a Buñuel comparison in one of the quotes, for instance, leaves an impact. Very few can capture that late master’s tone and wily nature, but I’d be ready to accept Garrone as one if he knocks this ball out of the park.

The trailer can be seen below and our Cannes review here.

Reality will enter limited release on March 15th.

What are your impressions from this glance? Did you like Gomorrah?

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