‘Newlyweds’ Trailer – Edward Burns Gets Back Behind the Camera

Written by on November 22, 2011 

Whether you’re his biggest fan or largest detractor, it’s hard to argue that Edward Burns‘ acting career lived up to the promise exhibited in early, stronger work like Saving Private Ryan. To go from Spielberg‘s war epic to One Missed Call and 27 Dresses… that’s a rough move. But he’s found a niche for himself by crafting features in the world of writing and directing, all of which have been smaller affairs.

Next in this line is Newlyweds, a film that stars himself, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Kerry Bishé, Max Baker, Marsha Dietlein Bennett, and Dara Coleman. Do almost none of those names ring a bell? Come on, it’s an independent feature! In all seriousness, however, this looks very much like a personal effort, and I can’t fault him for taking the time and resources to get it out there. But the actual film looks resoundingly flat; almost like a handmade Woody Allen imitation. And, really, there’s no reason to go for a mimic when you’ve got the real thing at your disposal.

Watch it below, or in HD at Apple:

Synopsis: Buzzy (Edward Burns) and Katie (Caitlin FitzGerald) are a newly married couple living a seemingly conflict-free life. But when Buzzy’s damaged and impulsive half-sister Linda (Kerry Bishe) arrives at their doorstep expecting to stay for an indefinite period in their Tribeca loft, her antics threaten to disrupt the couple’s commitment to an “easy” marriage. Meanwhile, with Katie’s sister Marsha projecting suspicions of her own husband’s infidelity onto Buzzy, will the couple’s formerly trusting and insulated life be able to withstand the dysfunctions of their respective siblings?

Newlyweds opens in limited release on December 26th.

What do you think of this trailer? Have you liked any of Burns’ past films as a director?

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